A Letter From A Smallholding In Cyprus Part 2

Corresponding with David from Cyprus is so interesting and has allowed me to check out my holiday snaps of my visit to the Troodoos Mountains.  It is also great to learn a little of the landscape and farming techniques used in the area, especially as I once considered moving out to Cyprus myself. Hi Sara Many thanks … Read more

A Letter From A Smallholding In Cyprus

Back in December I was delighted when I received an email from David who has a smallholding in Cyprus. I live in Cyprus where I own land in the Troodos mountains. I found your website via the Daily Telegraph (last saturday) and hope I may write for advice in the future. Basically I shall be growing almonds … Read more

The Quail Gallery

Welcome to the Quail Gallery. Here you can meet the quail on the farmingfriends farm and all of the farmingfriends quail friends we have met since the website was set up in 2006. Farming Friends Quail Quail chicks can be the size of a bumble bee when they hatch.  Here is the Farming Friends Quail Hut. The quail are free … Read more

Farming Friends Featured In The Countryside Connection Newsletter

Farming Friends is delighted to be featured in this month’s (February 2009) Countryside Connection Newsletter. Countryside Connection is a North Yorkshire based community of rural businesses from all over the UK and the US, who work together to connect and promote their businesses through the Countryside Connection Website.  You will find a network of  B+B’s, pubs, hotels, craft, farms, food … Read more


Farming Friends has recently joined Facebook, one of the biggest social networking websites at the moment – which allows you to connect with your friends and groups who you have an interest in. I set up the Farming Friends group on Facebook so that you had another way to connect with Farming Friends and find … Read more

Most Popular Posts On Farming Friends November 2008

The most popular posts on Farming Friends for November 2008 were: Pickled Beetroot Beef Casserole Lemon Cheesecake Incubating Chicken Eggs Edible Parts of a Pig A Guinea Fowl Recipe Tried and Tested Pork Brawn Recipe Courgette And Zucchini Recipes Wooden Reindeer Garden Ornament Building Your Own Poultry Incubator If there is a farm related topic … Read more

Farming Friends And Vintage Tractor Engineer In The Yorkshire Post

Chris Berry is a journalist and he came to visit our farm a couple of weeks ago to talk to my husband, my husband’s brother Ian and I about the farm and the farmingfriends and vintage tractor engineer websites we have. I am pleased to say that Chris has had his article published in the … Read more

Sallie’s Quail Hut

Sallie’s New Quail Hut Sallie’s Quail In Outdoor Aviary One of my readers and farmingfriends, Sallie (Sara) has just sent me a photo of her new quail hut. Not only is it interesting to receive photos but you also learn from the photograph. Since viewing this photograph I have added some pot tunnels to the … Read more