Fruited Cornbread With Macadamias Recipe

With the summer season upon us, treat the whole family to freshly made home-baked loaves for picnics and barbeques. Fruited Cornbread with Macadamias Ingredients for one loaf or 8-9 small rolls 220g flour (strong wheat) 5g yeast 5g salt 20g raw cane sugar 90g polenta (see description below of how to prepare) 55g macadamia nuts … Read more

The Foodies Books By Joanne Roach

As a former teacher and now a farmer’s wife and farmer/smallholder myself, I love books that are fun but still manage to educate children about food, animals or farming. I was delighted to come across The Foodies set of books written by Joanne Roach. “The Foodies Books are a series of 12 illustrated stories for … Read more

Harvesting Medlars

This weekend I harvested the medlars on our tree. Medlars can be harvested at the end of October and through November. Once harvested the fruit should be left in a box in a cool dry place until they turn a dark reddish brown and become soft and juicy. This ripening process is known as “bletting” … Read more