What Age To Breed Gilts With A Boar

Commercially gilts are usually selected for breeding at five to six months of age. The selected gilts are reared to weigh between 120 and 130 kg at seven and a half to eight months of age when they are ready to be served by a boar for the first time. Gilts have to be in … Read more

Signs Of A Farrowing Sow Or Gilt

The gestation period of a sow or gilt is 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days or approximately (112-115 days.) However sometimes the date of serving the pig is not known and even when a boar has run with your female pigs it can sometimes be hard to tell if they are pregnant. Obviously a … Read more

My Gilts Before Farrowing

My gilts (Cagney and Lacy) are pregnant and likely to farrow in the next week or two so I am busy preparing for not one but two births and two sets of piglets. (Aaahhh!!!) Things to do before the gilts farrow; Separate the gilts. Make sure the farrowing crates are suitable for the gilts. Get … Read more

Breeding Gilts

Gilts reach puberty around about 8-9 months old. Estrus is the period when the gilt will accept the male pig for reproduction. Estrus occurs roughly every 21 days (until they are bred) and lasts for about 2-3 days. Getting gilts ready to breed. There are a number of ways that may help to stimulate estrus; … Read more