Guest Post – BeeKeeping By James @ The Surrey BeeKeeper

I recently got chatting via twitter with James who is starting out in beekeeping. His website, The Surrey Beekeeper is a diary of James’ discovery of bees and beekeeping, but before you head across to the Surrey Beekeeper, here is a taster of how James got into beekeeping, so sit back and enjoy and I … Read more

Guest Appearance – Golden Pheasants By Allandoo Pheasantry

Zoe A. Hunter from Allandoo Pheasantry is a breeder of ornamental and rare species of pheasant. Zoe has written about the Golden Pheasant. The most popular of the Ornamental Pheasants to keep in an aviary is undoubtedly the Golden Pheasant. It is not difficult to see why as the colours of this bird are dazzling. … Read more

Guest Appearance – Efficient Farming By John Gossop

John Gossop is an East Yorkshire farmer with over 45 years experience, author of the blog Peakfood and avid researcher of threats to food production. I am pleased to say that he has written a thought provoking article for farmingfriends entitled Efficient Farming. Modern farms, with their giant tractors and gleaming machinery give the impression of being highly … Read more

Guest Appearance – 19 Fine Days By Bruce

Trisha from Bird Table News has kindly shared her brother’s farming memories with me. Bruce has written a number of farming stories which I am going to post. This post is entitled 19 Fine Days and was first published in the Burton Fleming newsletter in 2004. Bruce’s farming memories will not only transport you back … Read more

Guest Appearance – Busman’s Holiday By Louise

I recently visited This Is My Patch – a lovely website that records the sights, sounds and events in Louise’s “patch” in West Sussex. We have regularly been commenting on each other’s sites and I was delighted when I received an email entitled farming story from Louise. Excitedly I opened the email to reveal the bold heading –A … Read more