Do Keets Hatched By Guinea Hen Need Warmth From A Brooder?

I have been asked by a Incubating & Hatching Guinea Fowl Keets eBook customer if keets hatched by a guinea fowl will still need to go into a brooder for warmth. Yes, I have 3 guinea fowl. 1 girl and 2 boys. I’ve had them since they were 12 weeks and though fairly skittish, they’re … Read more

Sallyanne’s Successful Guinea Fowl Hatching

This post is dedicated to Sallyanne. Sallyanne purchased some guinea fowl hatching eggs from farmingfriends at the end of April (which was very much appreciated) and placed them under her broody hens at the beginning of May. Here is Sallyanne’s story. Dear Sara, Just wanted to let you know that the eggs arrived safely, beautifully … Read more