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Training Guinea Fowl To Roost In A Hut At Night

| October 6, 2011

I free range my guinea fowl during the day and then put them in a hut to roost at night although guinea fowl will naturally roost in trees if you don’t train them to go in a hut. I like mine to go in a hut at night so that they are protected from predators [...]

Guinea Fowl Hen Sitting On Nest Of Eggs And Hatching Keets

| January 7, 2010

I recently received a comment asking about the management of guinea fowl hen sitting on her eggs and the keets that hatch out. Hi, We have a guinea fowl in our garden who has been sitting on her eggs for a long time now and some of them hatched this morning. We built a shelter [...]

Water For Guinea Fowl

| August 1, 2009

I have been asked if guinea fowl can drink out of a stream. Guinea fowl drink water but can go for quite long periods of time without water as they originate from a hot, dry country. When guinea fowl free range they will happily drink water where ever they can find it, so I would [...]

Guinea Fowl Calling Out

| July 8, 2009

On Monday night I rounded up my guinea fowl, hens and ducks into the poultry hut. The hens are the easiest to get in as they want to go in earlier than all the rest and are very friendly and come running up to me when they see me so when I go out to [...]

Ways To Start Rearing Guinea Fowl

| October 8, 2008

There are a number of ways you can start rearing guinea fowl. 1) Buy hatching eggs and incubate them or get a broody hen to incubate them. 2) Buy day old keets and raise them. 3) Buy guinea fowl poults from about 6 weeks old and raise them. 4) Buy sexed adult guinea fowl from [...]

How To Stop Guinea Fowl Straying Onto The Road

| August 20, 2008

I am afraid that the guinea fowl need to be trained not to go on or near the road. The guinea fowl can be trained but it may take some time to break the habit as guinea fowl are creatures of routine and tend to follow set routes around the garden each day. When you [...]

Guinea Fowl Keets Pasting Up

| August 28, 2007

Pasting up on keets is when the keets droppings get attached to the vent area which if not dealt with can quickly form into large clumps. If the clumps are not removed the keets will not be able to pass their droppings from their body and this can result in the keets dying. Three of the [...]

Feeding Guinea Fowl

| January 30, 2007

My guinea fowl feed daily on a mix of; layers pellets & wheat When they free range they also eat; apples sugar beet fodder beet seeds nettles grass insects berries grain I have found that my guinea fowl like to feed in the open so that they can flock together. When they wander into the [...]

Guinea Fowl Do Not Like Snow – They Think It’s Foul!!

| January 17, 2007

December 2005 -  I had a bit of a problem today when I tried to put the guinea fowl back in their huts. They do not like to stand and walk in the snow which has arrived just a little late to make it a white Christmas. Typical! This snow was going to be a big problem to me [...]