Guinea Fowl Penpal

  Farming Friends Guinea Fowl Penpal is a penpal scheme that enables the penpal recipient to learn about guinea fowl in an interesting way. At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Guinea Fowl Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the guinea fowl penpal. A photograph of the guinea fowl penpal. A birthday card from the guinea fowl penpal. A Christmas … Read more

Guinea Fowl Colouring

Helmeted guinea fowl can display different coloured plumage. Guinea fowl plumage can be classed as; Brown. Buff Dundotte. Chocolate. Coral Blue. Lavender. Lite Blue. Lite Lavender. Opaline. Pearl Grey. Pewter. Porcelain. Powder Blue. Royal Purple. Slate. Violet. White African. This list is taken from Michael Roberts’ book entitled Guinea Fowl Past & Present.

Taming Guinea Fowl Keets

Guinea fowl keets are often described as skittish and wild, but with lots of time and patience they can be tamed. Taming guinea fowl keets requires; Lots of time – frequent and daily contact is needed. Daily contact with the keets – frequently handling, feeding, playing and talking to the keets throughout the day. Frequent … Read more

Guinea Fowl Eggs

It is very difficult to find the guinea fowl nest if you free range guinea fowl like I do. The guinea fowl love to lay their eggs in a nest in the middle of a nettle or bramble patch which obviously makes the nest difficult to find. In addition to the problem of locating the … Read more

Female Guinea Fowl Call

Ever wondered what a female guinea fowl sounds like?  Well now’s your chance to hear one! Watch the video to see and hear the female guinea fowl call. Female guinea fowl can make 2 types of call. The 1 syllable call can also be made by the males and sounds like, ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, … Read more

Feeding Guinea Fowl

My guinea fowl feed daily on a mix of; layers pellets & wheat When they free range they also eat; apples sugar beet fodder beet seeds nettles grass insects berries grain I have found that my guinea fowl like to feed in the open so that they can flock together. When they wander into the … Read more