Runt Of Litter Leaves Farm

It is with a heavy heart that I write to say that my beloved little runt (Splays) of the piglets has left the farm. He has I am pleased to say gone to pig owners who have bought saddlebacks from us twice before and I know that he will be cared for well. He has … Read more

Snuffles The Hand Reared Piglet

Here is Snuffles the hand reared Saddleback piglet that was injured when my Saddleback sow Lacy was farrowing. Snuffles and I are developing a relationship as I hand rear him. He climbs onto my lap as I give him his milk every few hours or so. I just hope that I can give him enough … Read more

Bottle Feeding Piglet

One of the ten piglets is looking a bit droopy and can’t seem to suckle so I have decided to bottle feed her. Unfortunately the poor little piglet has been stood on a couple of times by the sow and has injured her legs. This has made standing to suckle difficult and the piglet scrum … Read more