Quail Egg Hatch Rate October 2009

When breeding¬†quail and incubating their eggs it is important to keep a record of the percentage of total eggs hatched because this will help in evaluating incubation and hatch efficiency. I have recently hatched some quail chicks and wanted to share the hatch rate with you. You can calculate hatch rate in the following way; … Read more

Japanese Quail Eggs In Incubator

I filled my hovabator incubator with 42 Japanese quail eggs about 15 days ago. Japanese quail eggs take approximately 17 days to hatch. This morning I took the automatic egg turner out of the incubator and filled up the water trays to increase the humidity. After lunch I thought I could hear some cheeping coming … Read more

How Long Does It Take Quail Eggs To Hatch

I am often asked how long it takes quail eggs to hatch. The incubation period for bobwhite quail eggs is 23-24 days. Here is a link to information on incubating bobwhite quail eggs http://www.farmingfriends.com/incubating-bobwhite-quail-eggs/ The incubation period for Coturnix (Japanese) quail eggs is 17 days. Here is a link for information about incubating japanese quail … Read more

Quail Egg Hatching Webcam

Jim @ the Welshbirds website has a webcam attached to his incubator which has quail eggs in it at the moment. Unfortunately the first attempt at hatching quail eggs failed due to infertile eggs but he is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second batch of quail. Go visit the site and checkout what’s … Read more