Hatty Hen Egg Bound

Hatty the Hen was recently egg bound. Unfortunately I had been out all day and when I returned and went to put the poultry away Hatty was not behaving normally. It looked like she was repeatedly trying to go to the toilet. As luck would have it my father-in-law was around and I asked for … Read more

Baby’s Bib From Cafepress

I recently created a “Cool Chick” range of cafepress products. I decided to order the “Cool Chick” baby bib priced $7.99 (approx £3.99). I was impressed with the baby bib when it arrived. The bib is a good size and made from 100% cotton. The photograph has reproduced very well onto the fabric. I have given this bib to two of my … Read more

Hatty The Hen

Hatty the hen is my White Leghorn chicken. She is about 3 years old and she was given to me by one of our kind neighbours along with Hetty in 2004. Unfortunately Hetty is no longer with us but Hatty has befriended the flock of guinea fowl and when she isn’t finding somewhere new to … Read more

Hen Gallery

Welcome to the Poultry Gallery. Here you can meet the Poultry in our farmyard. White Leghorn Hens Meet Hatty and Hetty the White Leghorn Hens. Photographs of Hatty Hatty running. Laying in the straw. Eating barley. Hiding in the hedgerow. Egg sitting. Up a tree! Laying an egg! The egg. Hatty laid her first egg … Read more

Hatty’s New Nest

Hatty The Hen seems to have found herself a new nest site. Up until last week she has been laying her eggs regularly on the silage wrap mountain, but since last Wednesday I have not collected any eggs from this nest site.   At first I thought that the magpies had found this nest and … Read more