Perosis In Poultry

There is a condition called perosis which is a deformity of the leg bones. I have read that it is caused by a nutritional deficiency of manganese. Adding a manganese supplement to the feed for 3 to 5 days will help to prevent any new cases developing. Birds¬†become crippled and usually die of starvation or … Read more

Hatty Hen Egg Bound

Hatty the Hen was recently egg bound. Unfortunately I had been out all day and when I returned and went to put the poultry away Hatty was not behaving normally. It looked like she was repeatedly trying to go to the toilet. As luck would have it my father-in-law was around and I asked for … Read more

Egg Bound Hen

A hen is egg bound when they cannot lay their egg. This maybe because; the oviduct is too small for the egg to pass through, the egg may have broken and cannot slip through or the shell of the egg is too soft to let the egg pass through. Young pullets sometimes find it difficult … Read more