Recipes Using Eggs

Having hens, ducks, guinea fowl and quail on the farm, means that we regularly have an abundance of eggs to use up. Here is a list of recipes using eggs: Asparagus And Soft Boiled Guinea Fowl Eggs Recipe Avocado And Egg Mayonnaise Blueberry Baked French Toast Recipe From Helene At Once Upon A Pine Cauliflower … Read more

Hen Eggs With Runny Whites

I received this question about runny egg whites. I keep a few free range hens,recently the whites of the eggs have become runny. Nothing has changed in any way, feed or conditions. Any idea what I can do? They just splash across the pan now when fried. Thanks. James This was my response: Hi James, … Read more

Double Yolked Eggs

A double yolked egg is an egg that has two yolks. It is caused by two eggs separating from the ovary at the same time and joining into one egg. Double yolked eggs can be fairly rare. They are sometimes produced by pullets in their first year of laying. Double yolked eggs can be produced … Read more

Incubating Chicken Eggs

Incubation Period The incubation period for chicken eggs is 21 days. Incubation Temperature The temperature in the incubator for chicken eggs is 99.5 degrees fahrenheit. Humidity Levels The humidity level (wet bulb thermometer) for chicken eggs is 85-87 degrees fahrenheit. Final Day Of Egg Rotation The final day of egg rotation for chicken eggs is day 19. Please note … Read more