Hen With Yellow Discharge And Diarrhea

Determining an illness or disease by a hens droppings can be difficult, but the droppings can be a tell tale sign that a hen is not well. I received an email from one of my readers asking about a hen having yellow discharge and diarrhea. I have a hen with a yellow discharge and diorrhea. … Read more

Hen Missing Overnight

When a hen goes missing overnight, it could be due to a number of reasons; Gone broody and sitting on nest of eggs. Injured or sick and can’t make it back to the hut. Killed by predator. Misjudged the light and didn’t make it back so roosting elsewhere. Last week one of my elderly hens … Read more

Sick Hen With Green Droppings

Yesterday I went to the poultry hut to let my hens and guinea fowl out and one of the hens stayed sitting in the straw. when I looked cloer she wasn’t very well. She was listless, with fluffed up feathers and her eyes kept closing. When I picked her up she had greeny white¬†diarrhea. My … Read more