Coccidiosis & Apple Cider Vinegar

I am sometimes asked about coccidiosis in hens and whether apple cider vinegar can help with this. Does anyone know if giving acv helps against coccidiosis, or if there is anything that you can give them, one of my hens has milky runny droppings but is generally healthy, is she ok? Sarah I thought I … Read more

Worming Chickens Guest Article By Tim At Poultrykeeper

Worming Chickens By Tim Daniels of This article shares some of my personal experiences and routines with worming my chickens. Chickens, waterfowl and other poultry require regular worming to prevent health problems, yet it is surprising how many people don’t do this on a regular basis. If you are keeping chickens on the same … Read more

Can You Make A Hen Broody?

I have been asked if you can make a hen go broody. It depends on the breed of hen as some breeds are more susceptible to becoming broody than others. Bantams and Silkies (I have friends that have used Silkies to hatch guinea fowl and quail eggs before now) are known for being broody hens. … Read more

What Is Your Favourite Chicken Breed?

What is your favourite chicken breed? Chickens and hens are kept for many reasons: They lay eggs. Provide meat. As pets. For company. Their plummage. Their disposition and character. My favourite breed is the leghorn as I kept a white leghorn for 5 years. She was called Hatty and she had a brilliant personality. She … Read more

Which Chicken Breeds For Meat

I was asked today which chicken breeds are kept for meat. My father-in-law suggested Cobs where the fastest growing chickens for their meat. The more traditional breeds he suggested included: Light Sussex Rhode Island Red Buff Orpingtons Chickens are bred for different purposes. Some are breed solely for their meat, others their egg production and … Read more