Hen Missing Overnight

When a hen goes missing overnight, it could be due to a number of reasons; Gone broody and sitting on nest of eggs. Injured or sick and can’t make it back to the hut. Killed by predator. Misjudged the light and didn’t make it back so roosting elsewhere. Last week one of my elderly hens … Read more

Poorly Hen

My neighbours gave me their 16 hens back in August. The hens are egg layers and are about 4 years old. In September one of the hens started to look poorly. Her tail feathers were down and when she walked she seemed to waddle. At first she didn’t come out of the hut and I … Read more

Coccidiosis In Chickens

What Is Coccidiosis? Coccidiosis is a common parasitic disease of poultry which affects the digestive tract and is primarily found in chickens and turkeys. Symptoms Ruffled feathers. Unthriftiness. Head drawn back into shoulders. A chilled appearance. Diarrhea which may have blood in it. If not treated can lead to mortality. Causes Coccidiosis is caused by a … Read more