Chicken Penpal

Farming Friends Chicken Penpal is a penpal scheme that enables the penpal recipient to learn about chickens in an interesting way. At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Chicken Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the chicken penpal. A photograph of the chicken penpal. A birthday card from the chicken penpal. A Christmas card from the chicken penpal.   Buy the Farming Friends Chicken Penpal … Read more

Hen Gallery

Welcome to the Poultry Gallery. Here you can meet the Poultry in our farmyard. White Leghorn Hens Meet Hatty and Hetty the White Leghorn Hens. Photographs of Hatty Hatty running. Laying in the straw. Eating barley. Hiding in the hedgerow. Egg sitting. Up a tree! Laying an egg! The egg. Hatty laid her first egg … Read more

Red Mites On Poultry

Red mites are a parasite that suck blood.  They can cause irritation, loss of weight, loss of egg production and anaemia in poultry. The yellow hen flea lives in the under fluff of the bird’s feathers and can be seen when the feathers are lifted. Red mites are generally not found in the day time. These parasites like … Read more

Parts Of A Chicken

Here is a photograph of the labelled body parts of a hen / chicken. This photograph shows the different parts of a hen’s / chicken’s body. Comb – The comb is a red fleshy appendage on the top of the chicken’s head. Eyes -Chicken have two eyes, one on each side of their head and … Read more

Broody Hens

What is a Broody Hen? A broody hen is a hen that has decided to sit on her nest (with or without eggs) and will not leave the nest at all. The term broody means having maternal instincts that make the hen want to hatch her eggs. Problems Broody hens can, if left sitting in a … Read more

Reasons Why Poultry Might Not Lay

Hens may stop laying or may not lay for a number of reasons. The age of the hen – as they get older the amount of eggs may reduce. The health of the hen – illness or parasites can hinder laying. The time of year – the length of daylight can affect egg production. Changes … Read more