New Chefs On Ready Steady Cook

I recently went to London to film an episode of Ready Steady Cook for the new series which is due to be televised in January. Whilst looking for information about when the new series would air I stumbled on an article about new chefs joining the Ready Steady Cook team. Aldo Zilli and Maria Elia are due … Read more

Where To Buy Hugo House Quail Eggs

If you live in East or North Yorkshire and would like to try the Hugo House Quail Eggs then you can visit the Local Producers Market at Market Weighton on the third Saturday of the month, or alternatively the quail eggs are also available at Langlands, The Farmer’s Cart or The Jug & Bottle or why not … Read more

Hugo House Quail Eggs Praised

Every third Saturday I go to the Local Producers Market in the small town of Market Weighton to sell my quail eggs. I was delighted to receive an email from Andrew who bought my quail eggs at the market this month. “Hi just to let you know the eggs I got off you on saturday where … Read more

Local Producers Market

Every third Saturday of the month, the local town of Market Weighton has a Local Producers Market from 9am to about 1pm. I have recently started to take any surplus Quail Eggs I have to the market. Today was my third market stall and the eggs sold well. I don’t know if this was because … Read more

Ready Steady Cook On The Phone

Ready Steady Cook, the television programme phoned the other day whilst I was outside feeding the animals. Yes that’s right, the Ready Steady Cook team phoned but in true farmer fashion, I missed the call as I was feeding the animals and they had to leave a message on my answerphone saying they’d like me to … Read more

Hugo House Guinea Fowl Eggs

I currently have 28 adult guinea fowl that enjoy free ranging around the farm during the day. They eat a diet of grains and the daily access to the farm’s grassy pastures produces eggs with a deep yellow yolk. These eggs have a thicker shell than ordinary eggs which protects the rich and flavoursome yolk. The Hugo House guinea … Read more

Hugo House Quail Eggs

I now have over a hundred laying quail on the farm and as you can imagine I am really busy at the moment looking after the quail, collecting the eggs and trying to sell all the quail eggs. My husband, Steve and I are really pleased with the packaging we have designed and the name Hugo House … Read more