Raising Humidity Levels In An Incubator

Different bird’s eggs require different humidity levels in the incubator. Sometimes the humidity levels get too high and need to be decreased and sometimes the humdity levels get too low and need to be raised. Marcia and her son have turkey eggs in the incubator but need help to raise the humidity. can you tell … Read more

Humidity Levels For Egg Incubation

Different species of birds’ eggs require different humidity levels when being incubated. Here is a guide to the humidity levels (wet bulb thermometer) for different species of birds’ eggs. Bobwhite Quail = 84-86 degrees fahrenheit. Canada Goose = 86-88 degrees fahrenheit. Chicken = 85-87 degrees fahrenheit. Chukar Partridge = 80-88 degrees fahrenheit. Cotumix (Japanese) Quail = 84-88 degrees fahrenheit. Duck = 84-88 degrees fahrenheit. … Read more