Incubation Period For Pekin Duck Eggs

I have been asked what is the incubation period for pekin ducks. Hi, I just wanted to ask about my peking duck.  She has become broody and is laying on her eggs, but I am unsure how long the incubation of these are. Pekin duck eggs take 28 days to hatch from time of incubation. … Read more Incubation Period For Pekin Duck Eggs

Incubating Duck Eggs

Incubation Period The incubation period for duck eggs is 28 days. Incubation Temperature The temperature in the incubator for duck eggs is 99.5 degrees fahrenheit. Humidity Levels The humidity level (wet bulb thermometer) for duck eggs is 84-88 degrees fahrenheit. Final Day Of Egg Rotation The final day of egg rotation for duck eggs is … Read more Incubating Duck Eggs