Guinea Fowl eBook Well Written

I am always delighted to get feedback about the products I am selling at farmingfriends, so I was thrilled to see my Incubating, Hatching & Raising Guinea Fowl Keets eBook described as well written.   “Yes, I have downloaded the e-book and have enjoyed reading your very well written and informative book.” Jorgen Incubating, Hatching … Read more

Incubating Guinea Fowl Eggs – Incubator Settings

Incubation Period The incubation period for  guinea fowl eggs is 26-28 days. Incubation Temperature The temperature in the incubator for guinea fowl eggs is 99.5 degrees fahrenheit. Humidity Levels The humidity level (wet bulb thermometer) for guinea fowl eggs is 83-86 degrees fahrenheit. Final Day Of Egg Rotation The final day of egg rotation for … Read more

Incubating Guinea Fowl Eggs

Before Incubation The Guinea Fowl Eggs Before incubation guinea fowl eggs can be stored for up to 7 days. Store guinea fowl eggs with the pointed end facing downwards. When storing guinea fowl eggs before incubating, make sure that they are kept at a constant temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius or 64.5-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Make … Read more