12 Egg Poultry Incubator For Sale

Just wanted to let you know that farmingfriends has now added the 12 egg poultry incubator to the farmingfriends shop.  WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE INCUBATOR AND READ OUR EXPERIENCES There is a lower basin within the incubator to hold the  water to control the humidity and the temperature control is fully automatic and contolled … Read more

Japanese Quail Eggs In Incubator

I filled my hovabator incubator with 42 Japanese quail eggs about 15 days ago. Japanese quail eggs take approximately 17 days to hatch. This morning I took the automatic egg turner out of the incubator and filled up the water trays to increase the humidity. After lunch I thought I could hear some cheeping coming … Read more

Which Incubator

I received a comment asking which incubator people would recommend, I would like to buy an incubator with my 40th birthday money. We have a smallholding that is very new, so we don’t want anything massive, something suitable for pure breed chicken eggs (maran, light sussex etc) and ducks. We inherited some geese who we … Read more

Raising Humidity Levels In An Incubator

Different bird’s eggs require different humidity levels in the incubator. Sometimes the humidity levels get too high and need to be decreased and sometimes the humdity levels get too low and need to be raised. Marcia and her son have turkey eggs in the incubator but need help to raise the humidity. can you tell … Read more

Preparing The Incubator Before Incubating Eggs

Preparing The Incubator For Use Prepare the incubator 2-3 days before incubation. Before incubating the eggs make sure that the incubator is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Place the incubator in a room with a constant temperature and humidity. The incubator should be placed on a flat surface. Make sure that the incubator is placed away from drafts. … Read more