Red Admiral Butterfly

We have seen lots of the Red Admiral Butterflies in our orchard in the last few weeks (August/September 2019). This post was originally published on (4th August 2007) and updated on (13th September 2019). Latin Name: Vanessa Atalanta  Description:  The Red Admiral is a brightly coloured butterfly with red bands and white spots on a black … Read more

National Insect Week – June 2010

Do you like insects? Do you like finding them, identifying them or photographing them? Well if you do you’ll be interested to hear about the National Insect Week. National Insect Week consists of a series of Nationwide events to promote education and awareness of UK insect species and their conservation. The week will take place … Read more

Damselfly Identification

On a recent walk last week along the Beck which runs at the bottom of one of our fields, Stephen and I went for a walk. We took some photos of the wildflowers growing along the beck side as well as the butterflies that we could see and the beautiful beck glimmering in the sunlight. … Read more

What Do Garden Snails Eat?

Garden snails are herbivores and eat plants. They will eat the leaves of many plants and vegetables. It will also eat rotting fruit, lichen and algae as well as fruit, vegetables, herbs and arable crops. Snails particularly like lettuce, cucumber and herb leaves which are freshly picked. They will feed on carrots and apples. The … Read more

Can Snails Change Their Shells?

I received a comment that led me to research whether snails can change their shells. Van & Lilo commented, “We found a garden snail and brought it home to keep it safe, even though the shell is broken, none of its body is at sight and hes still alive and well. My daughter named it … Read more