Mycoplasma In Quail

I suspect that my quail have mycoplasma which is like congunctivitis. It is an infection of the air passages and signs of the infection are: swollen facial sinuses. Other signs may include: sneezing, eye discharges, breathing through a partly opened beak, reduced growth, reduction in appetite, joints may also be affected and birds may become … Read more

Day Old Quail Chicks In Brooder

At Monday tea-time the quail chicks were moved from the incubator to the brooder. There are 29 quail chicks in the brooder and some are dark brown a few are a fawn colouring and one or two are creamy coloured. The chicks are very lively and quickly found the chick crumbs and started eating them, … Read more

Quail Leave The Farm

Recently I had an enquiry from someone wanting some quail to put in their aviary with their other birds. Quail are a good bird to have in an aviary as they will pick up the seeds that fall to the ground. I had four japanese quail left from the nine I had hatched recently and the … Read more

Japanese Quail Eggs For Hatching For Sale

Japanese Quail Eggs For Hatching For Sale 12 Japanese / Coturnix Quail eggs suitable for hatching in an incubator or under a broody hen. Only £3 plus £4 postage and packaging. [eshop_show_product id=’5118′ class=’hilite’ panels=’yes’ form=’yes’] Eggs will be collected and posted within 3 days of receipt of order. (Please note that quail eggs can … Read more

The Quail Gallery

Welcome to the Quail Gallery. Here you can meet the quail on the farmingfriends farm and all of the farmingfriends quail friends we have met since the website was set up in 2006. Farming Friends Quail Quail chicks can be the size of a bumble bee when they hatch.  Here is the Farming Friends Quail Hut. The quail are free … Read more

Natural Habitat For Japanese Quail

It is important when japanese quail are kept in huts, barns or aviaries to try to re-create their natural habitat. Junior asked, “what would a japanese quails natural habitat look like?” thankyou Junior. Hi Junior, Quail are shy game birds that ground nest and therefore in the wild seek out natural cover. Their natural habitat … Read more