Do Keets Hatched By Guinea Hen Need Warmth From A Brooder?

I have been asked by a Incubating & Hatching Guinea Fowl Keets eBook customer if keets hatched by a guinea fowl will still need to go into a brooder for warmth. Yes, I have 3 guinea fowl. 1 girl and 2 boys. I’ve had them since they were 12 weeks and though fairly skittish, they’re … Read more

Tips If You Have Splayed Legged Chicks

I received a couple of tips if your chicks have splayed legs that I thought would be useful to share. “Its my opinion from many years of hatching, that getting the splayed (spraddled) legged chick on 1/8 inch wire as soon as possible will correct most chicks with this defect. Keith” “My wife has cured … Read more

MeliaMary’s Guinea Fowl Keets Try To Free Range

I love it when I strike up a farmingfriends friendship and get to correspond with a fellow guinea fowl enthusiast as MeliaMary is. It is also interesting to hear about guinea fowl in different countries and MeliaMary is over in Australia, so lets find out how MeliaMary’s guinea fowl keets are progressing…… Hi Sara   … Read more

MeliaMary’s Guinea Fowl Keets Venture Out

MeliaMary is a regular reader and farmingfriends forum member from Australia who has recently got some guinea  fowl. Here is Melia Mary’s update from last week. I have now had my keets for 18 days. They have grown beyond my expectations and have outgrown the lovely little hutch I made for them. Today we spent four … Read more