Khaki Campbell Ducks Colouring

I have 6 ducks and a drake. 3 of the ducks are completely a khaki colour and slightly smaller than the others. The other 3 ducks have some other colours on their wing, a dark blueand white colour and also have yellow stripes near their eyes as if they are wearing a zorro mask. They … Read more

Identifying Gender Of Khaki Campbell Ducklings

It is difficult to guess what gender a duckling is just by looking at the duckling but my ‘farmingfriends’ friend Maureen has challenged me to take a guess at the gender of her three ducklings named Treacle, Toffee and Fudge. ‘Hi Sara, as someone far more knowlegable than me, how do you fancy taking a … Read more

Caroline’s Khaki Campbell Ducks

Caroline is one of the farmingfriends forum members and she has three khaki campbell ducks which she bought at the rare breed market at Skipton the other weekend. Caroline doesn’t know the age of the ducks but she thinks that they are not older than 2 years. She says, “I must admit that they certainly … Read more

New Pools For Ducks

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Izzy and her youngest daughter Isla. We had a lovely day visiting a farm and having lunch out. Izzy has two shell shaped sandpits and said I could have them for the ducks. This morning the ducks were introduced to the pools and at first seemed alittle … Read more