Charolais Cross Bull Calf Born

A charolais cross bull calf was born on the farm yesterday. The calf has a lovely natured limousin mother and the father is a charolais bull.

The cow needed to be helped with the birth as the calf was a large bull calf and was taking some time to come out, so the farmer’s helped the calf and cow along with the calving process.

A calving stick is used to help pull the calf out. Two sets of ropes are added to the calf’s feet and then added to the calving stick and then the ratchet on the calving stick is manoveured up and down until the calf is pulled out of the cow.

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

The temperatures were below zero on the day the calf was born so the photos show the calf just after he was borning and steam is coming off his hot body.

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

The calf was bottle fed the first night as he hadn’t got up but the calf is now standing and suckling well.

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Calves Born On The Farm

This morning at about 6.00am a Charolais heifer calf was born to Number 28 Charolais cow. Then this afternoon a Limousin cross bull calf was born to a Limousin Cross cow.

Here is a video of the cows and calves.

The Charolais calf is suckling after about 4 hours and the mother is very protective and won’t let the farmer get close to the calf so the calf’s navel can’t be sprayed.

The Limousin calf was standing and suckling after about half an hour and the farmer was able to spray the navel with Alymacin spray to protect the calf from infection.