Orange Mobile Phone Magazine Talk To Farming Friends

I am always staggered by the contacts made via this website and the social networking sites I use such as twitter and facebook. Yesterday I received a phone call on my answer phone from Orange Magazine who wanted to talk to me about my twitter activities. I phoned back this morning and had a chat about why I use twitter and what my highlights of using twitter are. So if you have an Orange phone and get their magazine you may just read about farmingfriends and my twitter activities.

Farming Friends Featured In The Countryside Connection Newsletter

Countryside Connection

Countryside Connection

Farming Friends is delighted to be featured in this month’s (February 2009) Countryside Connection Newsletter.

Countryside Connection is a North Yorkshire based community of rural businesses from all over the UK and the US, who work together to connect and promote their businesses through the Countryside Connection Website.  You will find a network of  B+B’s, pubs, hotels, craft, farms, food producers and other small rural businesses based both around the UK and the US listed on the Countryside Connection site and contributing to the monthly newsletters.

I first came across this website when Helene, the founder of Countryside Connection, emailed me having read the article in the Yorkshire post about farmingfriends. Helene had enjoyed reading the article and wrote to me with the idea of exploring ways in which we might work together.

I  have thoroughly enjoyed reading  the February edition of the Countryside Connection newsletter which not only features farmingfriends, but my husband’s vintage tractor engineer site as well as features on credit crunch vegetable boxes from farmaround, an alpacas day course in Italy and a weekend Alpaca course in the UK, alpaca slippers – I’m saving up now for some, lambing and farm life in West Wales, beautiful artwork from Maine and mention of an apple spice muffin recipe which I aim to try out with some stored apples from our orchard. I hope that this has now tempted you to pop over to the Countryside Connection and read the February 09 Newsletter.

The Daily Telegraph Sent A Photographer To Farming Friends

On Sunday The Daily Telegraph sent a photographer. Steve and I had our photo taken in the farmhouse kitchen with the laptop and a hen! I had my photo taken inspecting a basket of eggs. We then went outside and I had the laptop and Steve was in the background pushing the wheel barrow. We then went into the pig barn but the sows and boar as well as the weaners were very curious about the lighting tripods and tried to eat the legs of the tripod. We had to abandon the photos with the pigs as they were too curious and wouldn’t pose! Who was it who said never work with animals!

We also had photos taken with the cattle as the pigs wouldn’t behave as the photographer wanted. The cattle were not as curious and better behaved.

The photography shoot took 3 hours and the photographer said that the paper would probably only use one photo!

I am looking forward to seeing the chosen photo if the Daily Telegraph publish the article.

  1. WHAT FUN! I wish the photographer would let you have a copy of the images he took, even if it doesn’t make into the article. Do post a link (if possible) when you are published 🙂

    Comment by nikkipolani – December 17, 2008 @ 9:06 pm

  2. Do you know when they are going to use it? How exciting. Was it fun? Have a great Christmas Sara and looking forward to reading Farming Friends next year! Jane

    Comment by Jane – December 21, 2008 @ 4:34 am

  3. Oh that visit must have been exciting and fun.

    Happy Christmas Sara and best wishes for the New Year.

    Comment by Cottage Smallholder – December 25, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

  4. Ohhh that visit must have been exciting and fun.

    Happy Christmas Sara and best wishes for the New Year.

    Comment by Cottage Smallholder – December 25, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

Farming Friends And Vintage Tractor Engineer In The Yorkshire Post

Chris Berry is a journalist and he came to visit our farm a couple of weeks ago to talk to my husband, my husband’s brother Ian and I about the farm and the farmingfriends and vintage tractor engineer websites we have. I am pleased to say that Chris has had his article published in the Country View Supplement of the Yorkshire Post this Saturday. It’s a great article so if you have a few minutes to spare then click on this link to read about Farming Friends and Vintage Tractor Engineer in the Yorkshire Post.