Cat Fight Abcess

My cat Stripe had a bad wound just near his tail recently which has been weeping abit in the last few days. My friend Sallie said to watch out for an abcess forming, so I have been reading up on cat fight abcesses. An abscess is where pus and fluid form where the cat has … Read more

Snowy The Cat’s Adventure

Well Snowy the cat has had an adventure, not only has she visited a neighbours farm and had a holiday away from us here but she’s had a ride on a trailer full of straw bales! On Thursday 18th February 2010, hubby drove atrailer load of straw bales through our village to a neighbours farm … Read more

Stripe The Cat Is Missing

My beautiful stripey ginger cat, Stripe has not been back to the farmyard since yesterday morning. He has now missed three feeds and I am getting worried. Unfortunately one of my other cats, Fluffy who is the dominant male has taken a dislike to Stripe and tries to chase him away. I don’t know where … Read more

Fluffy The Cat Is Four

Fluffy The CatIt was four years ago to this date that I found Snowy the cat in the heifer barn with four kittens. My friend Izzy took two of the kittens and we kept two, who became Tigger and Fluffy (two beautiful white and ginger tom cats). Tigger used to follow me everywhere Fluffy followed … Read more

Snowy Is Better

Snowy was limping the other day and I was worried it might be something serious and I would have to take her to the vet. Thankfully that was not the case. The following day Snowy was still limping a little bit but the next day she was back to her normal spritely self. I inherited … Read more

Cat Leg Injury

Snowy is limping this evening. There are many different causes of leg injuries in cats.   Traffic accidents. A fall from a high location. An infected bite wound. A deep cut on the paw. A burn on the paw. A fractured claw. A damaged or infected nailbed. Arthritis. Hip dysplasia. Thrombosis. I am not sure … Read more

Snowball The Cat’s Birthday

Snowball the cat is three years old today. So happy birthday Snowball. Snowball is from the second litter that his mother, Snowy had since we moved to the farm. He is a male cat who is very independent. Snowball does not like to be stroked very much although he is just beginning to let me … Read more