Guinea Fowl Flock 2008

 I thought that I would give an update on my guinea fowl. I still have my original three guinea fowl – Charlie, Camilla and Diana who were given to me four years ago. In the picture you can see the original trio with Harriet and Wilhemina. Since then I have been breeding and raising guinea … Read more

Name The White Guinea Fowl

 have decided to keep my white guinea fowl, a decision I made before I knew the gender of the bird but luckily for me the white guinea fowl is female. I would like to give her a name as she will become part of the farmingfriends family of named animals, so if you have any good suggestions … Read more

Guinea Fowl Chick Count

The guinea fowl chick count had reached 11 this morning by 6am. When I went down to press my nose against the incubator window for the umpteenth time, I could count 9 live wriggling cheepers in the incubator. I’d already taken the first chick out so that made 10. 3 eggs also had chicks hatching … Read more