Sows Go To Market

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post to say that my two sows went to market on Monday. I bought Cagney and Lacy from a friend back in July 2007 and I have looked after them practically everyday for the last two years bar a few days away. Cagney and Lacy … Read more

Tiny The Piglet

The Saddleback piglets are nearing 7 weeks old and are growing well. Here is Tiny the piglet who is a gilt. She was born to Cagney who had a litter of 16 piglets and only has 14 teats so some of the piglets were fighting over the teats. Tiny, named as such due to her … Read more

Photographs Of Newborn Piglets

Here are some photographs of the piglets that were born on Wednesday night. Day Old British Saddleback PigletsDay Old British Saddleback PigletDay Old British Saddleback PigletsDay Old British Saddleback Piglets The photographs were taken on Friday morning, so they are only just over a day old. These newborn piglets are pure bred British Saddleback piglets. … Read more

Lacy, The Saddleback Sow, Has 9 Piglets

Yesterday Lacy, my Saddleback sow farrowed 9 piglets. I would like to say that it was plain sailing but it wasn’t. Lacy is a lovely sow and is never aggressive towards humans. She will dominate Cagney, her sister when it comes to feeding time and will often take a bite at Cagney but apart from … Read more

Cagney The Saddleback Sow Is On The Mend

I am pleased to let you know that Cagney is over the worst and has returned to her usual gentle and happy self. She has been in the farrowing crate since Friday when we realised that she had mastitis and was not very well at all. The farrowing crate made it easier to inject her … Read more

Piglets Are Now 3 Months Old

The piglets are now just over 3 months old and what a handful 15 they can be!     3 month old British Saddleback piglet nibbling wellington bootWherever I want to be, a gang of rowdy, curious and inquisitive piglets seem to have their snouts there too. If they are not biting my wellies, they … Read more

Names For The Saddleback Gilts

As you may know I am now the proud owner of two Saddlebacks gilts. I have been asking for suggestions for names for my gilts. The response has been good and the suggestions have been interesting. Thanks to all of you who have given name suggestions. Let me know which of these names you like … Read more

Naming Saddleback Pigs

Here are my saddleback gilts. I can’t introduce you to them properly as they haven’t been named yet! I am going to name the pigs as I hope to breed saddleback pigs from them and so I intend to keep these gilts for a couple of years. I would like a pair of names for … Read more

Saddleback Pigs Arrive On The Farm

On Sunday I became the proud owner of two British Saddleback pigs. They are gilts which means, for those of you who may not know, that they are females that are yet to have piglets. I am hoping that they will have piglets which I can help to rear. The pigs belonged to one of … Read more