Sandy’s Guinea Fowl Start To Lay Eggs Across The Pond Too

My farmingfriend, Sandy from across the pond, has been emailing me about her guinea fowl and it is interesting that my guinea fowl in the UK have just started to lay at a day or two after Sandy’s. I have one male for sure now, as the mating season obviously has begun!!! I believe the … Read more

Guinea Fowl Nests

Guinea fowl prefer to nest outdoors in natural surroundings. Outdoor nesting sites are usually on the ground and well hidden in hedgerows or amongst nettles or tall grasses. Egg laying in guinea fowl may begin as early as the end of February in the UK, but usually from March through to September or early October. … Read more

Birds Building Nests

I dedicate this post to my friend Trisha or should I call her Birdy Trish over at Bird Table News who I know will be very interested to hear which birds are beginning to nest in my area. In the last week or two I have noticed alot of activity with the birds. I have seen a great … Read more

Swallows Nesting

The swallows are back and nesting in the “cat” barn. Swallow I noticed a couple of swallows had returned around the end of April, but it wasn’t until the last two weeks that I began to notice more of them circling the sky around the yard. Last year the swallows made a nest in the … Read more

Hatty’s New Nest

Hatty The Hen seems to have found herself a new nest site. Up until last week she has been laying her eggs regularly on the silage wrap mountain, but since last Wednesday I have not collected any eggs from this nest site.   At first I thought that the magpies had found this nest and … Read more