RSPCA’s Think Pig Campaign

I have received an email on behalf of RSPCA about their new campaign, Think Pig. The RSPCA are raising awareness of pig welfare issues and trying to educate people about the different labels on pork products and what they mean for pigs. If you are on facebook they have made a Facebook word game which … Read more

Edwina The Oldest Duck Dies Aged 22

I have just been reading about Edwina the mallard duck that was rescued by a family 22 years ago when the duckling was being attacked by other ducklings.The family from Hampshire, rescued the duckling and when they tried to return her to the wild she followed them home, so it sounds like she enjoyed living … Read more

National Steak Week In UK

National Steak Week will run from October 12th to October 18th and will basically try to encourage everyone to eat more steak. The British restaurant Beefeater is celebrating it’s 35th birthday this October and to celebrate 35 years of chargrilling they are launching National Steak Week so that the nation can indulge in their love … Read more