Age Of Maturity Of Female Birds

The age of maturity of female birds will differ between species of birds. The maturity refers to the age at which the females reach sexual maturity and will start laying eggs and breeding with their male partners. Quail = about 50 days old (I have observed that female Japanese quail will start to lay eggs … Read more

Male To Female Ratio For Keeping Different Varieties Of Poultry

Here is a rough guide to the male to female ratio for keeping different varieties of poultry together. Quail = 1 male to every 3-4 females. Hen = 1 males to every 6-10 females. (The Domestic Fowl Trust normally recommend 1 male to 6 females for breeding chickens.) Partridges = 1 male to 1 female. … Read more

Tips On Rearing Partridges

I received an email asking for tips on raising partridges. Hey I have recently hatched some partridge and after 2 days on the brooder that is homemade they have started to die. I have no idea why, they all started feeding and drinking once put in the brooder. they just seem to lack strength. do … Read more

Rearing Day Old Partridges

I received an email about rearing day old partridges Rearing English partridge from day old all set to go two questions. Heat lamp should it be a Red glowing infrared lamp or white. Why have I been recomended to make sure no daylight is can be seen and for how long. These birds are just … Read more