Sallie’s Golden Pheasant Chicks

Sallie is a “farmingfriends” friend who I have made friends with since she visited my website to find out about splayed legs in quail. Sallie keeps quail and pheasants and I have enjoyed seeing the photos of the chicks and hearing about their progress and learning about the differences in the breeds. Dear Sara,   … Read more Sallie’s Golden Pheasant Chicks

Sallie’s Day Old Pheasant Chicks

One of my “farmingfriends” and regular farmingfriends forum members has sent me some photos of her 1 day old pheasant chicks. Here is Sallie’s email that accompanied the photos. Above are two photos of the pheasant chicks.  Yet again I have 3 with splay legs but have now used the trusty elastoplast to correct that.  … Read more Sallie’s Day Old Pheasant Chicks

Rearing Pheasant And Partridge Chicks

I received a comment asking about rearing pheasant and partridge chicks and how long to leave the lamp on in the brooder. I am thinking of trying to rear some pheasants and partridge this season for my small shoot.I have not done this befor so I just need to know how long i leave day … Read more Rearing Pheasant And Partridge Chicks