Photo Hunt : Theme Wooden

There are lots of wooden objects and buildings on the farm but one of the most important wooden objects for a livestock farm are the feed troughs. These feed troughs are in the fold yard and are used by the beef cattle. The cattle get barley, fodder beet, potatoes or silage in these troughs depending … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Heavy

Lots of things are heavy on the farm. A sow weighs approximately 200-300kg. A straw bale weighs approximately 250kg. A silage bale weighs approximately 600kg. A cow weighs approximately 650kg. A bull weighs approximately 900kg. A modern tractor weighs approximately 5000kg.  A combine harvester weighs approximately 10,000kg. There are lots of heavy objects on the … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Narrow

The crops are planted in narrow rows so that the farmer can produce a good yield from the field. Here is the sugar beet grown in narrow rows. If you would like to join Photo Hunters then click on the image below for more information. Photo Hunters

Photo Hunt : Theme Old Fashioned

British Saddleback Pigs are an old fashioned rare breed of pig. They are a result of an amalgamation of two breeds, the Essex and the Wessex Saddleback. British Saddleback pigs have; A black coat with a white saddle just behind their front legs which goes all around their body in a band. Lop ears over … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Important

The theme for the photo hunt this week is important, so what is important on the farm? The crops are very important. WHEAT BARLEY POTATOES OILSEED RAPE / CANOLA Not only do the crops earn the farmers money, but the crops feed the animals on the farm and in turn make food that feeds the … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Skinny

When piglets are born they are very skinny and it is important that they start to suckle straight away so that they can get enough of the sow’s milk and colostrum in order to grow quickly and be healthy.  When our first litter of Saddleback piglets were born at the end of October 2007 all … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Delicious

The theme for this week is delicious and this is an easy one for me. I knew straight away that one of the most delicious meals is my pot roasted guinea fowl recipe. Pot Roasted Guinea FowlPot Roasted Guinea Fowl We breed and raise guinea fowl. Some of the guinea fowl flock are breeding stock and … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Messy

It is messy in lots of places on the farm. The fold yard has cattle manure and the pig stye has pig muck which I can tell you is very messy, but I thought I would spare you that sort of mess! As I looked through my growing catalogue of photos I came across a … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Light

Hens need a certain amount of light in order to lay their eggs and this is why you generally find that hens lay their eggs in the Spring and Summer months. Here is Hatty the hen laying her eggs. laying-egg-1.jpglaying-egg-2.jpglaying-egg-3.jpghattys-egg.jpg I was lucky enough to walk by Hatty’s nest as she was about to lay an egg … Read more

Photo Hunt: Theme Small

Quail eggs are very small and the quail that hatched out of these tiny eggs recently are the smallest animal I have had to look after. The quail egg is about one fifth the size of an ordinary chicken egg. Small day old quail chicks.The chicks that hatches out from these eggs are about the size … Read more