Pickled Beetroot

I enjoy growing beetroot and have had some success with it over the last few years and even the floods in June have not deterred the beet from growing. One way of preserving the beetroot season is by pickling the beetroot and this is quite simple to do.

Pickling Beetroot

Homegrown Beetroot

Homegrown Beetroot

Ingredients For Pickling Beetroot

  • Beetroot
  • Vinegar (malt vinegar, wine vinegar or pickling vinegar depending on your preference)
  • Sugar
  • Glass Jar

Method For Pickling Beetroot

  1. Lift beetroot out of ground and cut off the root and the leaves without cutting into the flesh if possible.
  2. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to a pan of water (the vinegar helps to stop the beetroot bleeding).
  3. Place beetroot in water and bring to boil.
  4. Let beetroot cook in pan of simmering water for 30-45 minutes.
  5. If the skin will easily move away from the beetroot then the beet is cooked.
  6. Peel off the beetroot skin and cut the beetroot into slices.
  7. Place vinegar in pan with six tablespoons of sugar.
  8. Heat vinegar until the sugar is dissolved.
  9. Remove lid of jar and place jar in oven until the glass is hot (up to 5 minutes – this sterilises the jar).
  10. Place the beetroot slices into the jar.
  11. Pour over the vinegar and add lid.
  12. Label the jar with pickled beetroot and date.
  13. Serve with salads.


My husband says there is no comparison between homegrown pickled beetroot and shop bought beetroot. It’s worth the effort of growing this veg to get top quality pickled beetroot.

Prize Winning Pickled Beetroot

Prize Winning Pickled Beetroot

I entered my pickled beetroot into the village produce show in August and it won first prize so go ahead pickle some beetroot today!

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