Pigs Can Suffer SunBurn & Heatstroke

Did you know that pigs can suffer from sunburn? Pigs cannot sweat so it’s important that they can cool down in hot weather. A mud wallow is a good way to help prevent sunburn and heatstroke as the pigs can go and wallow in the muddy water and cool down their skin. Make sure your … Read more

How To Worm A Pig

You can worm a pig by: injection, pouring a liquid wormer onto the back of the pig, by liquid in the water or a powdered wormer in the feed. The most effective way to worm is by injection because you ensure that the pig gets the right dose for it’s weight and age. Adding wormer … Read more

Splay Legs In Piglets

Splay legs in piglets is when the newborn piglet is unable to hold the front and or back legs together. The piglet is unable to stand up properly and the front¬† and or hind legs will be spread out. The piglet also finds it difficult to walk and it is therefore difficult for the piglet … Read more

Mastitis In Sows

Mastitis affects sows and gilts that have farrowed and are feeding piglets or have just weaned their piglets. Signs to look out for include: Teats that are hot to the touch. Teats that are hard and lumpy. Sow not eating. Heavy breathing. Raised temperature. Lethargy in sows. Not standing up. Mastitis needs to be treated … Read more