Pig Business Documentary by Tracy Worcester

Went to see Pig Business film by Tracy Worcester last Tuesday at York City Screen. The screening was organised in conjunction with Slow Food North Yorkshire who are a group passionate about food and locally sourced and ethically produced food.

Tracy Worcester is a passionate campaigner for animal welfare and she is against industrialised farming and the destruction of rural livelihoods and the Pig Business film documents Tracy’s 4 years of research and exploration into the global pig business.

This documentary asks if you know the true costs of cheap meat, which you are not likely to find on the labelling! It looks at intensive pig farming, focusing predominantly on the US and Poland and highlights the animal welfare issues, the environmental impact of the large factories and the health related problems of factory workers and those living near the large factory farms, as well as the impact the large corporate factory farms are having on the structure of the pig farming industry and the individual small scale pig farmers.

This is a very thought provoking film and I feel that it does begin to highlight the true costs of cheap meat on the animals themselves, the environment, health and the pig industry. Next time you pick up a packet of pork, ham, bacon or sausages, give some thought to where the meat was produced, that is if the label can provide you with that information! Click on this link for more information about pig meat labelling.

You can watch the Pig Business film now on Youtube.

Please let me know your thoughts on this film and the issues raised in this film.

Screening Of Pig Business Film By Tracy Worcester In York

City Screen will be showing the pork industry documentary Pig Business by Tracy Worcester which compares traditional, environmentally sustainable farming with industrialised agri-business on Tuesday 11 May at 8.30pm at York City Screen.

I am going to watch this film on Tuesday night which has been organised by Slow Food North Yorkshire. As I myself was recently a pig keeper and breeder I am interested in looking at the welfare of pigs and how high-welfare pork products are marketed in the British supermarkets.

Visit the website to find out more about the film Pig Business.