How To Worm A Pig

You can worm a pig by: injection, pouring a liquid wormer onto the back of the pig, by liquid in the water or a powdered wormer in the feed. The most effective way to worm is by injection because you ensure that the pig gets the right dose for it’s weight and age. Adding wormer … Read more

Pig Fencing

If you are keeping pigs outside then you will need secure fencing as pigs are very curious and will wander about easily. Pig fencing could be in the form of: 1) Heavy duty post and rail fencing. 2) Post and rail fencing with electric fencing. 3) Post and rail fencing with sheep netting. 4) Electric … Read more

How To Weigh Pigs

I am lucky enough to have a pig weigh on the farm that the pigs can walk into and a gate can be closed and then the pig’s weight can be measured before the pig exits via a second gate at the front of the weigh. If you don’t have a weigh to measure your … Read more

Food Chain Information Required When Pigs Sent To Slaughterhouse

When pigs are sent to slaughter, the slaughterhouse or abattoir require certain information from the pig owner or farmer under the new EU farm to fork legislation. Under this legislation the pig producer is now seen as a food producer. The Food Standards Agency state, “Legislation comes into force on 1 January 2008 requiring slaughterhouse … Read more