White Barb Pigeons

I was recently asked a question relating to incubating pigeon eggs and in answering the question I have begun to learn abit about white barb pigeons. good day, will my pigeon eggs spoil if they dont lie on them for the first day or two after laying? Chappy Hi Chappy, Thanks for visiting farmingfriends and … Read more

What To Feed Pigeons

I do not keep pigeons myself but have read that pigeons need: * Grain for energy, protein and fibre. * Minerals grits, powdered minerals and trace elements. Grains make up the bulk of a pigeon’s diet.Some grains are better than others. Dried field peas/beans make an excellent staple food. Peas are high in protein and … Read more

Pigeon Chick & ‘Hoofed’ It

This afternoon’s activities where disrupted by an almighty noise which came from the herd of cows in the fold yard. The bellows and snorts that could be heard, suggested that they were not happy. I thought that the guinea fowl had decided to foolishly venture into the fold yard to antagonise the cattle, as they like to do … Read more