Worming Piglets

Piglets should be wormed at about 2 months of age or when the piglets are weaned. A piglet that is not wormed will not grow as quickly or as well as wormed piglets. You can administer a wormer by injection, pouring a liquid wormer onto the back of the pig, by liquid in the water … Read more

Splay Legs In Piglets

Splay legs in piglets is when the newborn piglet is unable to hold the front and or back legs together. The piglet is unable to stand up properly and the front  and or hind legs will be spread out. The piglet also finds it difficult to walk and it is therefore difficult for the piglet … Read more

Runt Of Litter Leaves Farm

It is with a heavy heart that I write to say that my beloved little runt (Splays) of the piglets has left the farm. He has I am pleased to say gone to pig owners who have bought saddlebacks from us twice before and I know that he will be cared for well. He has … Read more

Saddleback Piglet Explores Farmyard

My 7/8 week old saddleback piglet called Missy loves to explore the farmyard. She has been coming out of the pig barn to explore the farmyard for about 5 weeks. She was the first piglet to come down the barn steps and she loves to run the length of the fold yard and then to … Read more