Tiny The Piglet

The Saddleback piglets are nearing 7 weeks old and are growing well. Here is Tiny the piglet who is a gilt. She was born to Cagney who had a litter of 16 piglets and only has 14 teats so some of the piglets were fighting over the teats. Tiny, named as such due to her … Read more

Mastitis In Sows

Mastitis affects sows and gilts that have farrowed and are feeding piglets or have just weaned their piglets. Signs to look out for include: Teats that are hot to the touch. Teats that are hard and lumpy. Sow not eating. Heavy breathing. Raised temperature. Lethargy in sows. Not standing up. Mastitis needs to be treated … Read more

Toys For Piglets

Piglets are very curious and inquisitive animals. They love to nibble on welly boots which is quite cute when they are small but may not be so cute when they get bigger. Piglets love to chew on things and when they are bored they sometimes start to nibble on the other piglets curly tails. This … Read more

Weaning Piglets

Weaning piglets is when the piglets are taken away from the sow. Piglets are usually weaned at 8 weeks of age, although it is usually earlier for commercial pigs. Weaning can be stressful for the sow and the piglets. It is generally better to remove the sows and not the piglets in order to reduce … Read more

Teeth Clipping Piglets

Piglets have eight needle sharp teeth from birth which the pig owner or farmer may decide to clip. The teeth are often clipped to prevent injuries to other piglets as the piglets often fight for position on the sows teats as they suckle for milk. Another reason for teeth clipping is that this reduces the … Read more

Weaning Piglets

Today we have weaned 8 Saddleback piglets from the sow. Lacy, one of my Saddleback sows had piglets 8 weeks ago on this coming Monday. The piglets are all a good size and have been eating creep feed since week two so they are used to eating away from the sow. We waited till feeding time … Read more

Newborn Piglets

When your piglets are born they require;   Heat from a heat lamp that is usually placed away from the sow. An area away from their mother so that she does not lay or stand on them. Milk from the sow as soon as possible after birth so that they get the sows colostrum and … Read more