Piglet Named Juliet

Our Saddleback piglets are being raised mainly for their meat although if I have a gilt or boar that is a good example of a saddleback with a good temperament then I may consider keeping them. As we have decided that most of the piglets are probably to be raised for meat, I have not … Read more

Piglet Photos

I received a comment from Jane requesting some photos of the piglets, so here they are but sssh, don’t wake them!   I couldn’t resist these photos of the sleeping piglets snuggled up to the sow. What a cute and cosy sight! The piglets are now 5 weeks old and are about to be weaned … Read more

Iron For Piglets

Piglets are born with low iron levels which needs to be boosted within a week of being born. They will not receive enough iron from the sows milk so it is important that the piglets get iron from another source. Outdoor reared pigs will get a source of iron from the soil as they root about … Read more

Week Old Piglets

The Saddleback piglets are just over a week old now. They are all doing very well. Lacy has nine piglets and Cagney has six. The six are growing well and getting stronger. The nine piglets are a little smaller at the moment as there are more of them to take the milk. All the piglets are … Read more

Bottle Feeding Piglet

One of the ten piglets is looking a bit droopy and can’t seem to suckle so I have decided to bottle feed her. Unfortunately the poor little piglet has been stood on a couple of times by the sow and has injured her legs. This has made standing to suckle difficult and the piglet scrum … Read more

My Gilts Before Farrowing

My gilts (Cagney and Lacy) are pregnant and likely to farrow in the next week or two so I am busy preparing for not one but two births and two sets of piglets. (Aaahhh!!!) Things to do before the gilts farrow; Separate the gilts. Make sure the farrowing crates are suitable for the gilts. Get … Read more