Middle White Pigs

Middle White Pigs are a friendly breed of pig. Middle White pigs originate from Yorkshire. They have been bred from Large White and Small White stock. This breed has a white coat with a flattened face and nose. They have pricked up ears with feathery hairs around the edges of the ears. These are early maturing pigs. … Read more

RSPCA’s Think Pig Campaign

I have received an email on behalf of RSPCA about their new campaign, Think Pig. The RSPCA are raising awareness of pig welfare issues and trying to educate people about the different labels on pork products and what they mean for pigs. If you are on facebook they have made a Facebook word game which … Read more

Screening Of Pig Business Film By Tracy Worcester In York

City Screen will be showing the pork industry documentary Pig Business by Tracy Worcester which compares traditional, environmentally sustainable farming with industrialised agri-business on Tuesday 11 May at 8.30pm at York City Screen. I am going to watch this film on Tuesday night which has been organised by Slow Food North Yorkshire. As I myself … Read more

Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

I have been asked what are Oxford Sandy & Black pigs like. They are ginger/sandy coloured with black blotches and have lop ears, a white blaze, socks and tip of the tail. Oxford Sandy & Black pigs are good dual purpose pigs, they don’t get too fat, they are docile, easy to handle making them … Read more

Pigs Can Suffer SunBurn & Heatstroke

Did you know that pigs can suffer from sunburn? Pigs cannot sweat so it’s important that they can cool down in hot weather. A mud wallow is a good way to help prevent sunburn and heatstroke as the pigs can go and wallow in the muddy water and cool down their skin. Make sure your … Read more