Pig Penpal

Farming Friends Pig Penpal is a penpal scheme that enables the penpal recipient to learn about pigs in an interesting way.   At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Pig Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the pig penpal. A photograph of the pig penpal. A birthday card from the pig penpal. A Christmas card from the pig penpal Buy the Farming Friends Pig Penpal … Read more

Week Old Piglets

The Saddleback piglets are just over a week old now. They are all doing very well. Lacy has nine piglets and Cagney has six. The six are growing well and getting stronger. The nine piglets are a little smaller at the moment as there are more of them to take the milk. All the piglets are … Read more

A Pig’s Tail

A pig’s tail is often curled. A highly curled pig’s tail is said to be a sign of a healthy, happy pig. (Cagney is definately healthy and happy then – that is her tail above!) In early life a pig’s tail is sometimes docked (cut off). Pig’s tails are sometimes docked to prevent other pigs from … Read more

Pig Behaviour

I have had my Saddleback gilts for 2 weeks now and I have noticed that they exhibit a number of habitual traits. Pigs love to root about in the straw or the ground for food. Pigs enjoy rubbing their bodies against a hard surface. Pigs like to be scratched and rubbed particularly behind their ears, … Read more