Sowing Seeds – Green Thumb Sunday

I have been busy trying to keep on top of sowing seeds at the correct time of year. Currently I have the following seeds germinating in the greenhouse: Sweetpeas. Broad beans. Summer radish. Marigolds. Spinach. Spinach beet. Lilium regale. Purple sprouting broccoli. In the next few days I will be sowing the following seeds: Rudbeckia. … Read more Sowing Seeds – Green Thumb Sunday

Crocus – Green Thumb Sunday

Crocus bulbs of different varieties and colours keep appearing in my garden as solitary blooms of colour. Fiona and Danny over at The Cottage Smallholder are enjoying pockets of beautiful wild crocus. My favourite crocus from this year is the beautiful bright yellow crocus. Do you have a favourite type of crocus? Join Gardeners, Plant … Read more Crocus – Green Thumb Sunday

Pruning Roses – Green Thumb Sunday

Pruning roses is our gardening job at the moment. My husband has found that if he prunes the roses, they flourish and flower in the Summer months and produce beautiful displays like this rose archway. We look forward to seeing these beautiful roses that arch the entrance to our garden. What flowers are you looking forward … Read more Pruning Roses – Green Thumb Sunday

Crocus Imperati – Green Thumb Sunday

The Winter flowering crocus imperati is beginning to bloom in the orchard. I have one lone crocus so far and I look forward to seeing the beautiful petals open so that the magnificence of this pretty flower can brighten up the dreary landscape. Join Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As … Read more Crocus Imperati – Green Thumb Sunday