Foxes Spotted Near Farm

This morning my husband and I spotted 2 foxes in the field opposite our farm. It was about 8am when we saw them. The foxes seemed to be following each other. The lead fox didn’t seem to want the other fox to follow. After about 5 minutes the fox that had been following retreated behind … Read more

Fox Takes Friends Hens

My friend Trisha from Bird Table News emailed to say that this Summer a fox has taken a number of their hens. Just wanted to say that this summer we had foxes get some chickens. The chickens that the fox  killed always wandered off on their own and were never near the cockerel.  We now … Read more

Disappearing Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl sometimes disappear and do not return at night. This could be because: the guinea fowl are new to the habitat and cannot find their way home. the guinea fowl have been spooked or frightened. the guinea fowl have been taken by a predator. the guinea fowl hen is sitting on a nest.One always … Read more

Guinea Fowl Killed By Dog

In the early hours of the morning (2.45am to be precise!) I was awoken to the sound of barking. I jumped out of bed and peered through the curtains to ascertain what was making the noise. I couldn’t see anything. Steve and I decided to get up and check that everything was ok with the … Read more