Back Scratching In Quail

Back scratching in quail is caused by the male quail mounting the females through the mating season and rubbing their feathers away. The hen birds often have feathers missing from their back and heads during the mating season. If you keep quail and want to ask a question to get some advice or just to … Read more

Bumblefoot In Quail

Bumblefoot in quail is when a hard lump forms underneath the foot usually where a small wound has been. The lump is formed when the infection is still there. Usually the quail will be limping. If the infection is still active the foot will feel hot and swollen and can be treated with an antibiotic … Read more

Leg Problems In Japanese Quail

I was wondering if anyone could help me. One of my japanese quail is having trouble standing up. She is feeding and drinking well but she cannot stand and support her body. She cannot seem to easily get her legs underneath her and will shuffle along. I wondered what was causing this could it be … Read more

Prolapse In Quail

Prolapse is when the insides of the laying quail comes out of the vent area. This can be treated and the quail can survive, although sometimes the prolapse is so bad that the only answer is to cull the bird. If a quail gets a prolapse it is important to wash the area and check … Read more

Splayed Legs In Quail

Splayed legs are when a chicks legs are not in line correctly but splayed out making movement difficult. “I have 17 2 day old quail chicks and all seem well, eating and drinking.  2 of the chicks have very splayed legs and are unable to stand.  How long should I leave them before making a … Read more