Quail Egg Markings

Did you know that an individual quail hen is supposed to lay eggs with the same or similar markings everytime? I read this a while ago but wasn’t sure if it was the case as it’s hard to tell when you have a lot of quail which quail hen is laying which egg. I do … Read more

Japanese Quail Eggs For Hatching For Sale

Japanese Quail Eggs For Hatching For Sale 12 Japanese / Coturnix Quail eggs suitable for hatching in an incubator or under a broody hen. Only £3 plus £4 postage and packaging. [eshop_show_product id=’5118′ class=’hilite’ panels=’yes’ form=’yes’] Eggs will be collected and posted within 3 days of receipt of order. (Please note that quail eggs can … Read more

Mini Scotch Eggs With Quail Eggs

As the weather brightens up, a great way to beat the credit crunch and blow the doom and gloom from our thoughts, is to head out into the beautiful countryside with a picnic filled with lovely homemade treats including mini scotch eggs. I have never made scotch eggs before, let alone mini scotch eggs, but … Read more

Why Do Quail Move And Crack Their Eggs?

I received an interesting comment enquiring why quail move and crack their eggs. My quail have recently laid eggs. but they seem to move the eggs around and most of them cracks. what should I do. I surpose to have 5 eggs but the quail have crack 3 of them. what is happening? Carrie. Hi Carrie, Welcome … Read more