Mycoplasma In Quail

I suspect that my quail have mycoplasma which is like congunctivitis. It is an infection of the air passages and signs of the infection are: swollen facial sinuses. Other signs may include: sneezing, eye discharges, breathing through a partly opened beak, reduced growth, reduction in appetite, joints may also be affected and birds may become … Read more

Can Quail Eat Clover?

Does anyone know if quail can eat clover? I am asking the question because my quail have seemed to enjoy eating clover that I have growing amongst the grass in my garden but over a period of time I have lost quite a few quail and their egg production has reduced. A friend pointed out … Read more

Mixing Quail Of Different Ages

I am often asked about mixing quail of different ages. I have a quail from 3 different batches (eldest single female of 8 weeks, 2 females of 6 weeks and 2 of 3 weeks). I want to house them all together eventually – but assume I must wait until they’re all fully grown so they … Read more

Starting With Quail For A Few Eggs

Quail are very easy to look after and they start laying eggs from about 6 weeks old. Last year I hatched some japanese quail and have 8 females and 5 males in an aviary type hut. I generally get 6-8 eggs a day from this group of quail. I put shavings or straw on the … Read more

Quail Are Sensitive To Red Clothing

Did you know that quail are sensitive to red clothing? Everytime I wear a red top and happen to go into the quail barn or aviary then the quail get spooked and start flying about. Quail also have a vertical flight when spooked which means that they fly upwards. This can be dangerous as the … Read more

Mixing Quail Breeds

I have been asked if it is possible to mix quail breeds and here is my response; I have some japanese quail in an aviary and I have a 100 quail in a barn that are a mixture of breeds (mainly Italian) and was thinking of mxing the Japanese in with the Italian but have … Read more

Quail Housing Requirements

I have read on the poultrysite that,”Adult quail will live and produce successfully if they are allowed 145 cm² of floor space per bird (125 cm² per bird on wire floors). A cage 13 × 20 cm is large enough for two birds.” Quail are often kept in aviaries with at least 4ft by 3ft … Read more